Consumer Awareness

ASA-Midwest has launched its first-ever Consumer Awareness Campaign to help with consumer recognition of the ASA logo. Due to the large advertising dollars that it would take to launch a state-wide campaign, or even a city-wide campaign with billboards, radio ads, print ads, consumer mailings and more, ASA-Midwest has worked with an advertising agency to develop a campaign that can be used by our members. ASA-Midwest members will have access to use the campaign for their businesses. Opportunities include ads, postcards, point of sale materials, etc. ASA-Midwest chapters and/or a group of shops can coordinate their marketing dollars for advertising campaigns in their area.

For more information about this program, or to order artwork, please contact the ASA-Midwest offices at 816-781-5801.

Campaign Concept: There's no denying the fact that auto repair and maintenance is a necessary evil in most people’s eyes — much like dental work, insurance or plumbing. It's something they don’t like to spend money on, and no amount of advertising will make them enjoy it. For this campaign, we tapped into that human truth to create a testimonial-style campaign the plays up this reality. Reaching out to consumers as if to say "we appreciate the fact that you’d rather not be here, but we want you feel comfortable using us." The ASA logo is prevalent throughout the artwork, as well as ASA’s Code of Ethics on the wall.