Green Shops

The goal of ASA-Midwest’s Green Star Facility program is to recognize those automotive service facilities that go out of their way to prevent pollution and to conserve our natural resources.

The table below lists some of the products associated with servicing a vehicle, and steps that should be taken by facilities to reduce environmental hazards:

ProductSteps Taken By Shops
Antifreeze Stored by facility in special containers and then taken to a commercial disposal plant or have recycled onsite (paid for by facility).
Used Oil & Other Fluids Stored by facility in special containers then disposed of by a licensed hauler, or burned in an approved waste-oil heater.
Oil Filters Filters are drained, drilled, or crushed. The oil is processed the same as above, and the metal parts of the filter are taken to a recycling plant.
Batteries Return old batteries to reclaimer and/or manufacturer by a certified carrier.
Used Tires Stored in an orderly fashion at facility, then taken by a licensed hauler to a storage location or a recycling center.
Refrigerants Purchasing necessary equipment, and being certified to capture and recycle refrigerants and other gases while servicing air conditioners.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) Specially designed booths and equipment cleaning cabinets to eliminate VOC emissions during painting operations and in cleaning spray painting equipment.

Other Things to Consider:

  • Does the facility use environmentally preferable products and services?
  • Does the facility practice general pollution prevention?
  • Does the facility strive to educate its employees in environmentally safe practices?


Click here to see a list of Green Star Service Facilities in the Midwest

Requirements for VISION Green Star Facility eligibility:

In order to receive consideration for Green Star status, a facility should demonstrate the above qualities, as well as any other requirements that the Committee deems necessary. Any facility seeking the Green Star designation must fill out an application. Their application will then be reviewed by the Committee for approval. Facilities being presented with the Green Star will be recognized at the Celebration of Independents Awards Dinner on Saturday evening, and will have a special recognition ribbon attached to their name badges.

Any questions regarding Green Star eligibility should be directed to the VISION offices at (816) 781-5801.